Mendocino Coast Audubon Society logo Our next meeting will be Monday November 14 7PM at the Caspar Community Center 15051 Caspar Rd, Caspar, CA 95420.

David Rice will hold a conversation on Why We Bird. Find out more at his website,

What makes birders get up early to walk through the woods or tromp through wet fields? Why do we drive a hundred miles to catch a glimpse of a rare species? Why do we keep the feeder full? Our November speaker David Rice answers these questions with his book Why We Bird. Published in 2013 by Golden Gate Audubon, the book organizes a lifetime of birding experiences into insightful short essays on the allure and attraction of birding.

There are as many reasons to bird as there are bird lovers. David Rice discusses seven reasons why we bird: Flight, Song, Color; Identifications; Games; Surprises; Conservation; Stories; and Solace.

Rice's book is a collection of stories: birding with a friend after he gets dementia; telling a grandson about owls; analyzing a great misidentification; listening to cranes; chasing rare birds, pelagic birds, and life birds; canoeing on Christmas Counts; and more.

Why We Bird includes the reasons other bird lovers have watched, chased, or protected birds, and has an extensive reference list of birding == as opposed to bird -- books. Why We Bird differs from these other birding books because it focuses directly on why we bird. Why We Bird is also a tour of many of the top birding spots in California, from Tule Lake to the Salton Sea. Author David Rice did not buy a pair of binoculars and start birding until his mid-twenties. When he wanted to know more, he took Joe Morlan's bird identification classes in San Francisco and joined the local Golden Gate Audubon Society. He is a knowledgeable birder, not an expert.

Rice's birding resume includes conducting censuses for two breeding bird atlases, co-leading a Golden Gate Audubon Society (GGAS) birding backpack trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park for thirty-plus years, and finding at least 150 birds in each of California's 58 counties. He was on the board of directors of GGAS in the 1980s, and is a co-author of the Alameda County Breeding Bird Atlas. He works as a psychologist in private practice and lives in Berkeley, California.

At the November chapter meeting, David Rice will share selections from his book and engage with the audience to answer questions and share birding experiences. Please join us for a very enjoyable evening!

The Big October walks with young birders from the Mendocino 4-H club are off to a great start!
Every year, our group, lead by MCAS education chairperson Sarah Grimes, competes to see the most bird species in the month of October. Yesterday's highlights included a California Towhee, a pair of Peregrine Falcons, Cooper's Hawk, Golden Crown and Fox Sparrows. We counted 21 species on our short wander up the Haul Road - East of the yellow gate. It's not too late to join in the fun. Just keep count of species seen in October and report to Sarah Grimes by November 5th. zewa at mcn dot org

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