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Contact us at: Audubon at mcn dot org
President - David Jensen
djensen at mcn dot org

Vice President - Tim Bray
tbray at mcn dot org

Secretary - Nicolet Houtz
nicolethoutz at gmail dot com

Treasurer - Jim Havlena
havlenas at fix dot net

Board Members:
Becky Bowen - Conservation and Nominations Chair 
casparbeck at comcast dot net

Sarah Grimes - Education Chair
zewa at mcn dot org

Tim Bray - Field Trips and Website Chair
tbray at mcn dot org
Jim Havlena - Finance Chair
havlenas at fix dot net

Adam Hutchins - Membership Chair
raptorous at me dot com

Terra Fuller - Programs Chair
fullerterra at hotmail dot com

Hayley Ross - Programs Chair
hayleyhross at gmail dot com

Off-Board Members:
Catherine Keegan - Website
keegan at mcn dot org

Megan Smithyman - Newsletter Editor
mesmithy at gmail dot com
Judy Steele Grants Administration, Scholarship, and By-Laws
judys at mcn dot org

Ginny Wade - Historian
wwade at mcn dot org

Charlene McAllister
charmac at mcn dot org

Citizen Science Projects