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Conservation - Big River Breeding Bird Survey
Osprey photo by Tim Bray

Big River Breeding Bird Survey is the most adventurous and demanding of all our surveys. Participants meet at Big River before six and survey three different territories within the state park unit. There are ten stations on each route where surveyors record the birds that are seen and/or heard during a ten-minute period. Each session typically lasts until about 9:30. The variety of habitats and of birds is greater than the other surveys. The preserve is divided into three territories that run from the headlands to the old highway and back. This is a great project for those who like to hike.

This count, which started in the spring of 2005, is currently conducted during the spring of of even-numbered years (2012, 2014) and during the fall of odd-numbered years (2013). Free training for this fallís survey will be offered in September. Birders of any level of experience are invited to participate. Teams are typically made up of an experienced leader, a spotter of intermediate skill, and a note taker or time keeper with any level of experience. The fun is in the searching and the learning.

For information, contact David Jensen Ė

Bird Survey Brochure (PDF)